Agassi legend lives on

The fall out from Andre Agassi’s drug confession has been huge. Some commentators have said it tarnishes his achievements and reputation forever. Others have even called for him to be stripped of his titles and prize money.

But what musn’t be forgotten here is what Agassi has taken.

Crystal Meth is a deadly drug which can lead to disastorous health problems, it is not going to make you a better tennis player.

On 5 live the other day their presenter was comparing to Ben Johnson –  a most ridiculous argument that should never have been aired. He did not take performance enhancing drugs. If he did my feelings would be the complete opposite and would have destroyed mine and every others tennis fan’s view of him.

Agassi’s drug use co-incidided with the worst year of his career. His ranking plummeted and it was the only year in which he never won a trophy. Hardly performance enhancing.

He was going through a bad patch, his marraige was on the verge of breaking up and he did something stupid.

The fact that the ATP so easily  believed Agassi’s cover up is more of a worry, and we can only speculate how many others may have escaped punishment. But, in light of Agassi’s revelations, you can be sure they will be much less forgiving.

Agassi made a mistake, but there was no malice involved or desire to cheat – he is no Ben Johnson. There’s no need to crucify the guy.

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