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Map of Preston stories – 17th November 2009

November 26, 2009

Using google maps, I created this map showing the locations of four stories taken from the Lancashire Evening Post on Tuesday the 17th of November.

By displaying the stories using a map people can access stories which are closer to home and most relevant to them, it also gives an interactive feel to reading stories online.

My four stories are;

– The Mayor of Penwortham describing the town as being ‘like Beirut’.
– The story of a pub team from Clayton-le-woods, Preston, who have been crowned ‘pub-pool’ champions of England.
– The proposed move of the National Football Museum from Preston to Manchester coming under fire from Manchester Urbis workers.
– A park in Fulwood getting a £112,000 refurbishment.


Photographs of the National Football Museum and the Sir Tom Finney statue

November 26, 2009

For part of our Digital Newsroom module I took photographs of The National Football Museum and the statue of Sir Tom Finney outside Deepdale – home of Preston North End Football Club.

The statue of Finney was unvieled in 2004. It was inspired by an iconic image taken when Preston were playing Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Despite the pitch being largely covered by puddles of water it was allowed to carry on, and a photogropher took an image of Sir Tom when he was on the ground, in a puddle, trying to control the ball. The image won ‘Sports Photograph of The Year’.

This is my original photograph, showing both the statue of Sir Tom as well as the acclaimed National Football Museum:

This one I cropped and resized to a 100×100 pixel thumbnail:

This image is sized 400 pixel wide x 300 pixel high. This wide shot shows the statue of the great Sir Tom as well as the uniquely designed National Football Museum:

This picture is sized 200 pixel wide by 500 pixel high. Its shows a close-up of the statue of Preston North End’s greatest ever player – Sir Tom Finney. The close up captures the ‘splash’ feature of the statue. In the background we get a further view of the distinctive National Football Museum, this view showing us the tilted windows which help make the museum so unique:

England fans dreaming of glory in South Africa

November 25, 2009

With the World Cup in South Africa coming up in June, England are being tipped to end over 40 years of hurt and win the trophy.

With Fabio Capello at the helm, England fans believe anything is possible. I talked to England supporter Oliver Holland about Capello and England’s chances in South Africa.

Agassi legend lives on

November 17, 2009

The fall out from Andre Agassi’s drug confession has been huge. Some commentators have said it tarnishes his achievements and reputation forever. Others have even called for him to be stripped of his titles and prize money.

But what musn’t be forgotten here is what Agassi has taken.

Crystal Meth is a deadly drug which can lead to disastorous health problems, it is not going to make you a better tennis player.

On 5 live the other day their presenter was comparing to Ben Johnson –  a most ridiculous argument that should never have been aired. He did not take performance enhancing drugs. If he did my feelings would be the complete opposite and would have destroyed mine and every others tennis fan’s view of him.

Agassi’s drug use co-incidided with the worst year of his career. His ranking plummeted and it was the only year in which he never won a trophy. Hardly performance enhancing.

He was going through a bad patch, his marraige was on the verge of breaking up and he did something stupid.

The fact that the ATP so easily  believed Agassi’s cover up is more of a worry, and we can only speculate how many others may have escaped punishment. But, in light of Agassi’s revelations, you can be sure they will be much less forgiving.

Agassi made a mistake, but there was no malice involved or desire to cheat – he is no Ben Johnson. There’s no need to crucify the guy.

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Brits Wimbledon hoodoo must end soon

November 16, 2009
1936. The last year a Brit won the Wimbledon male singles championship.

It has been 73 years since Fred Perry lifted the most prestigious title in tennis on his home soil. For British tennis, this is a hugely embarrassing statistic.

The diagram shown here illustrates just how far we’ve lagged behind other nations. The pie chart shows the  nationalities of the players who have won Wimbledon since the war.

America lead the way, having won 24 championships  They have consistently produced legends such as Sampras, McEnroe, Connors and Agassi. The list goes on..

The Aussies are next with a very healthy 16 titles, the majority of which were won during a golden era of Australian tennis which boasted Laver, Emerson and Newcombe. 

Sweden have seven, (mostly thanks to a certain Mr Borg, with a little help from Stefan Edberg) Then comes Roger Federer, sorry, Switzerland…with six titles.

We host the best tournament in the world, benefit from the exposure it receives as well as the riches it generates – yet we cannot produce a home-grown talent capable of winning the thing.

How we could with Andy Murray winning the trophy so we could have a little Great Britain slice of the pie. It’s more than a bit overdue.

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I was able to make my chart through data provided by the Guardian’s Data-store website. This is a link to the raw data –